Once upon a night at jenn's 30th birthday...

All our closest friends and fam joined us at the gorgeous and romantic Gallow Green in New York City to celebrate Jenn's 30th birthday.

The evening started off with sunset cocktails followed by dinner in a repurposed train car. Food and drinks were flowing, their friends were chatting and laughing, Jenn was having a great time but Andrew was nowhere to be found! He rejoined dinner towards the end much to the dismay of Jenn. 😠

Jenn gave a (terrible) thank you speech to her friends and fam all while admiring her beautiful cake and being just so excited to celebrate her birthday. Andrew kept interrupting till finally he stopped her and then did his big deed... the proposal!!! Jenn was in pure shock because a proposal was the last thing on her mind... her big bad 30th birthday was!! 😁😁😁

Of course her answer was YES!!! 🙋🏻💍😍

Later found out, Andrew's disappearance was due to his overwhelming anxiousness and nervousness so he had to be calmed down outside by his buddies Cal and Richard! 😭 

They later celebrated with champagne and Blue Ribbon noms courtesy of Richard Ho at the 6 Columbus Hotel.

Please enjoy a clip from the night!! Apologies for any obscenities in advance! 🙏🙏🙏


Thank you to all our friends & family for sharing our special moment with us!